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Apple, where is the touchscreen?

If you have seen any of the commercials for the new Macbook Pro you probably noticed that Apple has incorporated a new touchbar feature above the keyboard. The touchbar marketing makes this new feature seem sexy sleek and cool by allowing users to interact with certain programs by using the new touchbar. Apple calls this […]

Can You Ditch Microsoft Office for Free Open Source Libre Office?

Microsoft Office has grown to become a suite of office document, organization, presentation and organization tools. You probably have heard of some of these applications and perhaps used them all. There may be some too, that you haven’t heard of and wouldn’t have a reason to use. If you fall into the category of a […]

Zorin OS: An Ubuntu Based Linux Distro That Looks and Feels Like Windows 10

Windows 10, Microsoft’s new flagship operating system that has caused so much consternation with Windows users over the past year, may have an open source Ubuntu based Linux distro competitor. Windows 10 has been fraught with issues, starting with forced and botched upgrades, wifi issues, blank screens, and blue screens of death. But the user […]

Office Max Busted for Fake Repairs

Finding a trustworthy computer repair shop is akin to finding a good honest mechanic. Most people when they bring their computers into a shop have the expectation that they are receiving honest well-informed answers to their computer problems. But unfortunately there are unscrupulous technicians who will invent problems on your computer in order to up-charge […]

Does Microsoft Love Linux?

Historically Microsoft has been one of the most closed secretive companies when it comes to source code and other trade secrets. The motive behind this is to prevent Microsoft’s competitors from gaining an advantage in the market. This closed-source policy has created a captive market for Microsoft products, including vendor lock-in and golden handcuffs. But […]

Super Portable 12.4″ Thinkpad X200’s Refurbed into ChromeOS or Ubuntu Linux Laptops

South City Computer has got some durable portable high end refurbished Thinkpads that we’ve loaded your choice of ChromeOS (Chromebook) or Ubuntu Linux Operating systems. Great for Internet browsing and basic computing tasks especially if you need small portable and sturdy equipment that can take abuse. Our sale price is 139.99. Regular price is 169.99.

Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads for Sale

South City Computer currently has a large assortment of affordable refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad laptops for sale. Lenovo Thinkpads are high end corporate laptops that can not be purchased in big box stores. The laptops are grade A refubished quality meaning they have very little wear. These laptops were engineered tough and durable and have a […]

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends this Month

The Free Windows 10 upgrade is set to expire later this month. The last day to upgrade for free to Windows 10 is on Friday July 29, 2016. Nearly one third of Windows devices have already been upgraded to Windows 10. This number is shy of the anticipated 1 billion devices Microsoft has targeted to […]

Is your computer Y2K compliant? #tbt

Will you be ready when the clock strikes midnight January 1, 2000? All chaos could possibly ensue when the Millennium Bug stings. This is the day that all computers as we know it may cease to function. Our telephones, bank accounts, and emails will be lost forever in pile of useless computer junk left over […]

Windows Vista Approaches End of Support

In less than a year Microsoft will “end of life” Windows Vista. The official end of support date for the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is April 11, 2017. You may recall Microsoft ended all support for the Windows XP operating system just over a year ago. Microsoft will no longer offer technical support, release […]

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