Employment and Internships

Employment and Internships


South City Computer is currently recruiting professionals for the following positions:

Qualified Repair Technician
Experienced Technical Sales and Customer Service Reps

To apply please send a resume with a cover letter to our office detailing the types of projects you have worked on and any technologies involved.

We train and hire from within our pool of Student Interns. If you are interested in working as a technician for South City Computer please first apply for an internship


Student/Educational Internships

If you are a current student in high school or college you can join our Internship program for free. If you are currently not enrolled in school and would like to participate as an adult you must register as a student in our continuing education program where you will receive lab hours and get the necessary experience to be employed as a service tech at South City Computer.

South City Computer typically hires from a pool of candidates who have participated in our Educational Internship program.

If you are a high school or college student interested in a volunteer experience where you will be given access to organized course materials with the opportunity for hire please provide us with the following items:

Internship Application
Your current resume in PDF
Most recent transcripts (they do not have to be official, an unofficial copy will do)

Please bring these items to our shop in person so we can meet you.

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