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Apple, where is the touchscreen?

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Apple where is the touchscreenIf you have seen any of the commercials for the new Macbook Pro you probably noticed that Apple has incorporated a new touchbar feature above the keyboard. The touchbar marketing makes this new feature seem sexy sleek and cool by allowing users to interact with certain programs by using the new touchbar. Apple calls this new feature “A touch of genius” and “Light. Years ahead”, but really is this that “genius” or awesome of a feature? This new feature certainly begs the question: Why doesn’t Apple just make a Macbook Pro that is a touchscreen, and how about they call it a Touchbook Pro (duh)?

The Apple team has explained that they just do not think Mac OSX would be effective as a touchscreen operating system. They would like to keep iOS the iPhone and iPad OS the touchscreen operating system and Mac OSX the old point and click version but now with the new touchbar. For the company that claims to create the most intuitive user interfaces for operating system it seems like Apple is missing the boat here since most Windows based laptops now include a touchscreen for ease of use. Windows has recreated the entire Microsoft Windows user interface to accommodate both touchscreen and tradition mouse and keyboard users. So is Windows ahead of the curve here? Has Windows finally taken back the prize for most intuitive operating system interface?

In Windows the computer user is never forced to exclusively use the touchscreen as they can still use the touchpad mouse and keyboard to navigate the operating system as well. It just seems logical to provide Mac OSX users with the same experience to stay competitive. There is nothing wrong with touching the screen every once in a while to launch a program or to move the focus to a search field in the web browser.

Perhaps there is something else holding the Apple company back from making a touchscreen laptop. Maybe it has something to do with the chipset they have created for the Macbook laptop, and they just do not want to re-engineer a touchscreen into the motherboard due to cost and profit margins. While we may never really know what is holding this feature back, it is safe to say that the Macbook Pro laptop and Mac OSX is lagging behind in using the cutting edge features that touchscreen brings to the usability of a laptop.

Tips For iPhone Problems

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It sucks when your iPhone or iPad is in the midst of falling into the concrete or water. It’s like you kept the marshmallow over the campfire the whole time, now it’s ruined. There is no need to worry though, there are some easy fixes to this common problem.

Broken iPhone Repair in St Louis

First, if your iPhone gets soaked in water. Get the iPhone out of the water and don’t think about plugging it in. If the iPhone is plugged in already, unplug it (very carefully), and don’t turn it on and check for damage, it can cause short circuits. Then place it in a bowl or a Ziploc bag full of uncooked rice and leave it there for 48 hours. The rice will absorb the moisture effectively, and most of us have rice in our homes.

Apple iPhone AssistiveTouch


Apple iPhone AssistiveTouch Menu

AssistiveTouch Menu

Second, let’s say your home button is broken, there is this feature called AssistiveTouch. Access AssistiveTouch by tapping Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then turn the feature on. You will see a translucent circle appear. Tapping on this circle will display a menu for interacting with your device. You can slide the circle anywhere on the edge of your screen.

Third, unfortunately there is no real tips for fixing a broken screen, except for that you should get it fixed. You may be thinking I can fix it myself, I don’t need to pay this guy when I can do it myself, yet there are some dangers that go along with that. Example of this is the battery, it’s very soft and delicate and isn’t protected by anything else besides the outer enclosure. If you damage or puncture the battery, it could leak corrosive and toxic chemicals which could get on your skin or in your eyes. Lithium-Ion batteries are extremely volatile when disturbed.

So if you don’t want to put yourself in danger while messing around trying to fix your iPhone, we can help you repair. We’ll repair screen, safely and efficiently, we have experienced people who can take of your broken screen issue. I hope these tips help some clumsy people or those who are just prone to breaking things. If you need a repair of your screen though, just stop on by the shop and we’ll be happy to help.

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