What To Do When Your Laptop Breaks

The Fragility of Hardware: Or What To Do When Your Laptop Breaks

Gravity. It is the force that binds us to this planet, and is largely responsible for all life as we know it. However, like all creative forces at work in this majestic universe, gravity has a destructive side. It can wreak havoc on your laptop! Laptops have been known to fall from heights great and small. Being portable devices, they seem especially drawn to Earth’s pull. If they are not sliding toward the edge of the surface on which they’ve been gently placed, they’re often releasing themselves from the grasp of caring hands. Even if your laptop manages to avoid a calamitous rendezvous gravity, hardware damage can still occur. Micro tremors, vibrations, being picked up, being set down. All of this gradual ware and tear can lead to hardware issues.

What should you do when misfortune befalls your beloved laptop? Worry not! It doesn’t have to be the end. We can remedy myriad hardware issues right here at South City Computer! Broken screen? We can fix that! Damaged keyboard? We can fix that! Some unseen internal gizmo has made its existence impossible to ignore by suddenly refusing to function? Odds are… We can fix that! What happens when gravity attacks your laptop from above? Say gravity has chosen to conspire with a cat, who has gingerly knocked a glass of water all over your precious PC? Well, after you frantically unplug the device, turn it off, and remove the battery… Bring it to South City Computer! Give us a chance to fix that!

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