What is Defragmenting and Why You Should Do It

In HDD’s ,or hard disk drives, spinning platters hold your data saved on it. When data ,such as a photo or a word document, is first written on the drive it is in order on the platter making access to it speedy. A hard drive becomes fragmented when the file gets spread apart on the drive losing it’s order and quick access. Fragmentation when your data on your hard drive constantly change, let’s say you save files A,B, and C, you then deleted B and save file D then file D takes as much of the space it can where file B was but that space didn’t have enough room(files D is much bigger then B). Now this file D is cut up with file C in between it. That is fragmentation

Defragmentation puts these files that have been fragmented and puts them back in their place. This makes the file much faster when trying to open, the same as when it was first created. Solid state drives or SSD’s do not need defragmentation due to them not having the spinning platters that HDD’s have. Windows 8 often defragments itself but other operating system such as Windows XP do not. Having your hard drive defragged speeds up your system very much and will improve user experience. At South City Computer our computer techs can defragment your hardrive for you, scheadule a tech desk visit today! 314-400-7918

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