ALERT: Craigslist In-Home Computer Repair Scam

Watch out for a new computer repair scam going around on Craigslist. The scammer posts a basic ad on craigslist; “In-Home PC Repair for ONLY $20.00 cash! Call today XXX-XXX-XXXX”. Most folks would jump at a deal so good! The number is usually a Google number. When the PC tech shows up to the victims house, after spending a few minutes on the computer, recommends that the computer goes in for service, and that the victim’s computer will need to come with them. The customer will pay the initial fee, and the computer is taken out of the victims home. It is hard to say what happens after that to the victims computer, but basically the victim never sees their computer, or the PC repair tech ever again.

The computer is most likely pawned off, and the scammer has made off with the profits from the stolen computer and also $20.00 in cash. Now the scammer may be able to aquire passwords to bank accounts, email accounts, and has an idea of the layout of the victims house and possibly knowledge of other expensive electronics the victim owns, and could possibly come back when the victim is not around to do even more damage.

Don’t be foolish when it comes to your computer repair needs. Don’t fall for the “In-Home Computer Repair Guy” scam. Beware of “Computer Repair Businesses” that can only offer in-home services, that cannot offer a real commercial location in which to take the computer in for repair. Next time bring your computer into South City Computer or a local computer repair store in your area.

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