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Alert: Fake Anti Virus Software

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Avasoft Professional Fake Anti-VirusOver the past couple years there have been a number of computer viruses that appear to be anti-virus software. The programs will appear to be scanning your computer and finding many computer viruses, trojans, and worms. Some of these fake anit-virus programs will even turn off the network connection until a payment is made into a phishing website.

Computer Virus

Computer virus mimicing anti-virus software

Fake Anti-Virus programs can appear to be “very similiar” to real anti-virus software programs to most computer users. However they are NOT really anti-virus software at all, and do not find viruses and worms on your computer, but instead are fake/phoney interfaces meant to scam you into divulging your personal identity and credit card information. It is very important you do not fall for this type of Internet scam, as it could cost you big and cause you future problems.

This past week a computer came into South City Computer with a fake anti-virus program called Avasoft Professional Antivirus. The customer understood this was a fake anti-virus program and immediately brought her computer in to have her data backed up and the computer fully restored to factory defaults to insure the program would longer infect her computer.

If you think your computer may have fake antivirus software on it, bring it to South City Computer today!

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