Support for Windows XP Ends in Less Than a Month

Microsoft released Windows XP in 2001, and it was arguably the most popular Windows operating system ever. In fact, it still is extremely popular. 11% of people who are visiting web applications still use Windows XP. Unfortunately, Windows XP is about to be put out of support by Microsoft.

“Out of support” can be kind of a vague description of what is actually happening. Microsoft ending support means that no more software compatible with XP will be released, and none of the software you have installed will recieve updates. These updates include critical security patches that protect your computer from viruses. When these updates stop being issued, more and more vulnerabilities will be discovered, but will never be corrected.

This is why it is important to upgrade your system. With support ending next month, it is critical that you do this as soon as possible!

You have two options when it comes to upgrading.

  • Purchase a new PC
    If your computer still runs Windows XP, it may be time just to replace it. South City Computer can offer you help in finding a new computer suitable for your needs. We can also transfer your personal files from your old computer to a new one so that you don’t lose anything in the process.
  • Upgrade your current computer’s software
    Some computers that currently run Windows XP are capable of running a newer version of Windows. These computers are generally ones that were extra powerful when initially purchased, or computers that were purchased towards the end of the Windows XP era. If you’re wondering whether or not your computer can be upgraded, just give us a call or drop by our store in the St. Louis City Lindenwood Park neighborhood.

Some other Windows End of Support dates to consider:
Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows Vista on April 10, 2012. Microsoft will end mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. Also Microsoft Windows Vista end of extended support will end April 11, 2017. Learn more about the end of Windows lifecycle here.

There are bigger and better things than Windows XP today. So, this is the end. If you’ve stuck with XP until now, you need to get upgraded. Because, trust me, you don’t want to be there when support ends.

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