South City Computer Installs 23rd Ward Democrats Phone Bank

For politicians campaigning for office, having an accessible easy to use turn-key phone bank system is tantamount winning in any election. Being able to reach voters and have person to person discussions is still the best way to advertise a candidacy, promote a platform, and earn votes.

Building on experience installing a phone bank during last years’ Mayoral and Aldermanic races, where South City Computer was chosen to install phone banks for Mayor Slay and Alderman Vaccaro, South City Computer has just finished installing a small call center for the 23rd Ward Democrats phone bank during this upcoming election cycle.

This phone bank will be used by volunteers phone banking on behalf of Sharon Quigley Carpenter in the upcoming weeks in their efforts towards her re-election.

“The turnkey campaign phone bank is a new product based on an enterprise telecom switch and easy to use web based management interface. It comes packaged with phones, laptops, and a wireless router plus all cables and surge protectors needed for the system.” Says Nestor Wheelock, project manager at South City Computer.

Since cost is always an issue, and campaigns end, this system is available to be leased for a flat fee based on the number of volunteer workstations needed.

Additionally, the package includes the first 2000 minutes free plus all the features of a PBX including email attached voicemail that can be routed to staffers. Calls can be made from mobile softphones so volunteers and staff can call from anywhere they have a strong wifi or mobile data connection.

Aside from the benefit of enabling volunteers to easily phone bank for campaigns, the campaign phone bank system includes the option for data and voter sorting services to make it easy for volunteers to call the right people at the right times, conduct surveys, and do what it takes to boost turnout and win the election.

“This unique product came our of years of research and development experience with VOIP in our Pink Asterisk IT studio, and also because of the hard work from the development community that wrote the software. We’ve productized the system so it’s turn key and available for any campaign.”

There is a new website coming soon specifically for this product. You can find it at

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