Should you fix your computer problem yourself?

Motherboard repair st louis computer repairGot a computer issue that you think you can fix? Try it! Just be careful you don’t mess up your computer worse than it already is. There are many reasons that you may want to try to fix your computer issue yourself. Computer repair can be expensive and time consuming and it really depends on how much you value your computer. If you just don’t see the value in putting any money into an old computer, then you should probably try to repair the computer yourself to save you money. If the computer is valuable to you and you cannot afford to be without your computer, then you should probably take it to a computer repair store in your area to do the job for you.

If you feel comfortable troubleshooting computer issues, then by all means attempt to fix your computer. However if you are not the computer guru type, and think you will cause more harm than good, then you are probably right.

What is the worst thing that could happen to my computer if I try to fix it myself?

This is a variable answer to this question because it depends on what is most important to you about your computer. It could be your pictures or iTunes collection, or it could be those super important excel spreadsheets you have for work. What I am getting at is the most common worst case scenario is data loss. Losing your pictures, music, and documents can be very aggravating and costly, not to mention having a broken computer on top of that.

Do I have the tools to fix my computer?

If it is a hardware issue that requires you to get inside your computer, you may or may not have the necessary tools. Apple computers oftentimes have special screws that require special screwdrivers to disassemble them. Other computers could have similar requirements for tools to work on them. If you don’t have the necessary tools, then you might not be able to fix your computer. Unless you want to invest in these tools, you will probably will be better off taking it to a computer repair store.

What should I do if I mess up my computer worse by trying to fix it?

You should probably stop attempting to be a computer guru at this point. Shut the computer down, and bring it to a computer repair specialist in your area. A computer repair technician should be able to figure out what is the issue with your computer, and possibly come up with possible solutions to your computer issue. The computer repair technician may also be able to salvage your important data.

Why would a computer technician be better at fixing my computer issue than me?

Our computer technicians are certified experts at computer repair. Many have degrees in computer science and computer IT. They have a vast understanding of computers from the software layer to the hardware layer. If you are not knowledgeable about computers and their many different components you may want to leave it to a computer repair specialist. However if you think you can handle it, then you may be the perfect candidate to fix your own computer.

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