OS Restore

Service Summary

1. All data on your computer will be erased and all hardware drivers and programs will have to be reinstalled using the installation media and any required license keys/codes.

2. Your computer will be restored to the same licensed version of Windows that is provided on the product key.  If you do not have a product key you may have to purchase another.  We do not provide commercially licensed software for free with this service.

3. Any backed up Pictures, Movies, Documents, Music, Favorites, and Bookmarks will have to be restored to their appropriate places, and programs, printers, scanners, and other peripherals will have to be reinstalled and set up again. We can assist you with re-organizing your computer but this will incur an additional charge as we are pricing our base service as low as possible.

4. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DATA LOSS.  This includes programs that were downloaded or that cannot be reinstalled due to missing installation media.  We can assist in recovering data but we cannot be held responsible for what a customer believes was on their computer or for missing installation media or licenses/keys/codes.

Service Detail:

Installing a new copy of Windows can sometimes go smoothly and other times not so smoothly.  Challenges can arise that  increase the difficulty and cost of the service.  Depending on the computer, the manufacturer, and the user, each Windows reinstallation has its own unique details that must be taken into account.  This guide is meant to show you, our customer, what you are should expect when your computer requires a reinstallation of the Windows operating system.

Installing Windows
The Windows operating system requires a license to install and operate. Many computers with Windows 7 or earlier have a sticker affixed to the computer that has a long code. This is required to activate and use Windows. If your computer is missing this code, or if it is rubbed off, or you cannot provide it to us (in the case of an upgrade), and if we cannot extract it from the Windows registry you will have to purchase a new license for the computer to operate the Windows operating system. For computers that shipped with Windows 8 or 8.1 there is a sticker but no license key. This is because Microsoft changed how they stored the license key in the computer. If the Factory Restore Image is missing or damaged we may be able to extract the license key and reinstall the operating system. But if we are unable to do so you will have to purchase another license key from Microsoft.

Installing Drivers
If we were unable to use the Factory Image and had to use a retail version of MS Windows with your license key to activate, there is a strong likelihood that the required drivers for the computer will be missing. In order for your computer to operate correctly we will have to find and install the appropriate hardware drivers for your computer. This service will incur an additional charge for the time that it takes to locate, download, and install these drivers. You may also be charged for any blank CD’s we have to use to burn and install the drivers from.

Many times drivers can be located on the Manufacturer’s website or directly from the chipset manufacturer. However, there are times when the manufacturer does not publish the correct driver, there is a mistake on their download page, or they no longer support your make/model of computer. If this is the case you may be forced to accept more limited functionality of your computer or replace the component, for example a wifi adapter with an external USB wifi adapter to regain that functionality.

Installing Programs
Programs that were previously installed on your computer will need to be reinstalled after the operating system is restored. Commercial programs such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Photoshop, Quickbooks, most Antiviruses, etc., require the installation media and a license key to activate. Sometimes we are able to extract the license keys from the damaged version of Windows and perform installations of software if we have a copy in our shop. We cannot give away copies of commercial software for free so if you do not have a valid license that we can either recover, or one that you have saved with the software packaging or in the email that accompanied the download link, you will have to repurchase the software. We must have the correct installation media to work with and a valid license key to perform the installation and activation of all commercial software.

Open source or free programs such as Libre Office, PDF Reader, Antivirus, iTunes, Flash player, Java, and other generic versions of commercial software are free to download and install and may not require activation. However, downloading and installing software is where many users infect their computers in the first place. We assist you to install the correct version of the software from the correct places. Many of these programs can be used in lieu of commercial programs to reduce the cost of making your computer function for your lifestyle.

All programs may require some degree of setup. This includes tasks such as directing iTunes to its music library, setting file/program associations for documents and spreadsheets, movies, etc… Please note additional setup for programs is not included in this service and can be ordered at your discretion in order to keep our prices low.

Installing Peripherals
Many computer users also have external peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, wireless keyboards/mice, webcams, etc…. Many of these devices require software to be installed and some require calibration. We are happy to provide this service for an additional fee.

Windows Updates
When your computer leaves our shop we set Windows to download updates but prompt you to install them. We do this so the computer is not stuck on updates when we demonstrate it or when you intend to shut it down or turn it on. If you wish this setting to be changed we will be happy to do that at no additional charge once your computer is at home and we can connect to it remotely. We recommend fully automatic updates but because most users are annoyed by their computers updating at inopportune times we default to allow you to choose when to install updates.

Additional Addons and Optional System Setup/Tweaks

To keep our prices low we offer the following addons and optional system setup and tweaks that will keep your computer safe and running faster or assist you in customizing your computer, installing peripherals, and additional software to make your computer more functional.

Secure, Speed and Tweak Package (includes Antivirus, Bloatware removal, and system speed tweaks)
Bloatware and Free Trial Removal
System Speedup
Commercial or Open Source/Free Software Installation
Printer Setup
Scanner Setup
All n 1 Setup
Wireless Mouse/Keyboard Setup
Webcam Setup

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