New Ultra Desktop PC for Sale in St. Louis, MO

New Ultra Desktop PC for Sale in St. Louis

Ivanhoe Computers now sell the New Ultra Horizon Destkop PC. This USA-Made computer is a great back-to-school computer for a student, an economical home PC for the family on a budget, or can work as a functional office computer for a business.  The Ultra Horizon has a huge storage capability and comes standard with a 500 GB hardrive.  With the Intel® Pentium® G360 Quad Core 64-bit processor this computer barrels through heavy software applications and large processor loads with very little lag-time.  With the 4GB of RAM this computer can keep up with your multitasking as it allows you the freedom to be able to use multiple computer software applications all at once.  The Ultra Horizon Desktop PC (SYX-6040) comes installed with Microsoft® Windows® 7 that is ready for Microsoft® Windows® 8.  You can have peace-of-mind with the 1 year warranty that comes standard with this great personal computer.  The Ultra Horizon PC also has the option to upgrade many of the standard peripherals such as upgrading to a larger Terabyte hardrive, or installing more RAM so you can do more.  Buying the Ultra Horizon PC from Ivanhoe Computers is a smart choice for anybody looking to buy a New Computer in St. Louis, MO from a local small business that offers great support at reasonable prices.

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