Netopia TER/GUSB2-N Driver Download Trojan

Image Credit: Berishafjolla

Trojans can be hidden anywhere, even in an untrusted driver downloaded from a unofficial driver website. We recently scanned a commonly used driver download for the Netopia TER/GUSB2-N Driver and found this particular driver program to contain a trojan horse known as Trojan.ADH.2.

It is important to verify the download source of a driver program to ensure you are not downloading a virus, trojan or malware onto your computer.

It is always a good idea to download device drivers from trusted sources such as the device manufactures official driver download page on their website. You can also purchase a driver installation disk for most computer and laptop models.

If you are unsure of how to source and install a device driver, or just don’t want to risk downloading the wrong driver, then have a tech and Ivanhoe Computers offer you remote assistance to install the correct device drivers for your computer.

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