Mac computer repair

South City Computer Offers Mac Computer RepairApple Macintosh computers are great performance computers that are built by Apple Inc. for personal, educational, business, and institutional computer processing use. The reason many Apple products are so reliable is that the hardware and software are often times engineered, designed and built for each other. Apple computer are a proprietary computing platform that many people find intuitive and responsive for their daily computing needs.

Unfortunately many Apple computers need computer repair services.

The Apple store is primarily a retail store that is focused on selling new Apple hardware and software products. There are computer repair services offered at the “Genius Bar” in the Apple store. You have to scheduled an appointment beforehand to meet with a Genius to discuss your computer issue. The Genius may not understand your computer problem since Genius’ are often only sales representatives of the Apple company who do not actually repair computers.

Apple has often been noted as making computer products that are beautiful and sleek. With the slick design of the iPad, iPod and iPhone, these personal mini computers are prone to accidental dropping. iPad and iPhone touch screens often shatter on impact and make the iPhone hard or impossible to use. At South City Computer we can fix broken iPad, iPod and iPhone screens.

Usually the Apple warranty known as “Apple Care Protection Plan” on MacBooks and iPads, and iPhones does not cover liquid damage. A Genius may discover the liquid damage sensor indicating liquid damage even though no liquids were spilled on the Apple device. Even if you never had liquid damage, the liquid sensor inside the Apple device can be triggered by the humid climate of St. Louis, Missouri and other humid parts of the United States.

Mac Virus BSODWith the technological migration of the Intel processor chipset into Apple iMacs and MacBook Pro computers brought on the capability to run Microsoft Windows on the Macintosh hardware. Which in-turn introduced all the issues associated with the Microsoft computing platform. Macintosh computers running Windows are now susceptible to many Windows virus’ and blue screen of death “BSOD” problems that were once only associated with Windows computers. This can cause data loss and having to re-install the entire operating system. At South City Computer, we can fix any Apple Virus and BSOD problem and usually recover the lost data. Contact us today!

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