Local Computer Repair Shops vs. Big Buisness Computer Repair

Usually for customers bigger businesses means better, for example big business clothing stores may be more cost effective than local clothing stores. This idea of “bigger is better” may be true in various retail stores but in the field of computers it is actually quite the opposite. With some big businesses that offer computer repair services, like Best Buy, why shop local?


Even with the idea of bigger meaning cheaper in all actuality most local computer repair shops pricing is more cost effective than a lot of big businesses. How? Well big businesses although usually already having enough money are always alright with making more. While here at South City Computer we strive to keep the prices reasonable and affordable.

Customer Service:

Generally at big businesses they advertise their customer service yet haven’t we all gotten stuck on hold for much longer than we ever wanted to be? At local computer repair shops, matters of business are much more timely and more accommodating about your busy schedule. In accommodating to your schedule we repair your computer and fix your computer problems in a timely manner typically quicker than most big businesses. Also at most local computer repair shops rarely if ever would you encounter a machine instead of a real person to talk to.


At big businesses there are many employees who may not actually be very skilled nor really want to fix your computer but instead sell you another one. While here at South City Computer we have dedicated support technicians who are willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort into making sure that your problem is fixed.

If you ever have computer problems or questions feel free to call South City Computer:  314-400-7918

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