How To Recover a Deleted Partition Using DiskGenius

The wrong disk partition can be deleted accidentally when repairing or reinstalling windows. I know, because I’ve accidentally deleted the wrong disk partition when repairing computers in my St. Louis computer repair shop that’s located in Lindenwood Park near St. Louis Hills.

If you have accidentally deleted a partition and do not feel comfortable performing the following repair please bring your computer into our shop so we can fix your computer and recover your data.

If you ever run into the problem where you’ve accidentally deleted your windows partition, or any other partition, you can use a DiskGenius to recover the deleted partition and restore the data.

To undelete the deleted partition takes only a few steps.

  1. Download and burn a copy of Hiren’s Boot CD. It’s one of many great CD’s full of computer repair tools that make repairing computers and recovering data possible. Select MiniWindows environment and press enter to boot.
  2. Once booted up, click on Start->Programs->HBCD Menu
  3. Once the HBCD Menu comes up click on Open->Partition/Boot/MBR->DiskGenius (Partition table)
  4. Click the Disk you need to undelete the partition from
  5. Click the Rebuild Icon
  6. Follow the steps and the dialogue boxes
  7. Explore the disk to view your data to make sure it’s correct
  8. Click Save All or select Save from the menu to make the recovered partition get writtent to the disk’s partition table again

As you can see it’s very easy to undelete or recover a disk partition if it is accidentally deleted when reinstalling windows before you have a chance to save your data, or by some other accident that causes your partition to be deleted.

There are also other utilities that you can use to undelete or recover a deleted partition that we have also used here at the computer repair shop in St. Louis south city missouri. I will discuss those utilities in future articles in the computer repair blog.

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