How to add or remove synced photos from your Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod with iTunes

Recently, a computer repair customer brought their iPad and laptop in to the computer repair shop to get help on how to deal with their files.  We are able to help with this type of Computer services in Lindenwood Park.

In the latest version of Apple iTunes, the syncing options for your photos can be a bit confusing. On your Apple device, you have a camera roll, which contains all the images you took or downloaded using the device itself. You also have the option to divide these photos up into albums, allowing you to organize your photos. There’s another way to get photo albums on your device though that you might not be aware of: through iTunes. This option is so that you can get the images from your computer’s hard disk to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

What confuses most users is the strange place within the iTunes sync settings that Apple chose to place the option. To get to it, open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and plug in  the device using the USB sync cable. Select the device from it’s button on the right side of the header, and then choose the Photos tab. What most people don’t notice is that the header of the page “Photos” actually has a check box you can select. If you want to copy your pictures to your device, all you have to do is check this box.

This is also a solution if your device’s storage is full of photos that you cannot delete. Simply uncheck the box, and all the images will be removed from the i-Device. While the photos will be removed from the device to free up storage, they will remain in the My Pictures folder or Photos Library on your Mac or PC for safe keeping.

iTunes has many strange aspects, and confusing features. Web help is great, but it will not cover these all, so for expert help and computer repair related to iTunes, or any other computer problems you may be having, visit South City Computer at 3235 Ivanhoe Ave. in St. Louis, just north of Lindenwood Park.

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