Data Recovery

Hard drive

Time may be running out to save your data

Data loss can be an unfortunate fact of life, but often times it doesn’t have to be. Many people have family and friend pictures, important business, personal, or school documents, or an iTunes music collection that they do not want to lose but never backed up. After a virus or a hardware malfunction causes your computer to “crash”, you may think your data is lost, but often times it is just not accessible anymore.

At Ivanhoe Computers our expert technicians can use tools to recover most data loss. We will put the “lost” data on a DVD archive or an external hard drive. We can even scan the data to be sure none of the files are infected with a virus that would wreck havock on your next computer.

Sometimes hardrives stop functioning, usually after they make a clicking noise for a while. If you are hearing a clicking or ticking noise coming from your hard drive it is probably time to do a full backup so that you do not lose your data. Bring your computer to Ivanhoe Computers as soon as possible before your hard drive stops working completely and makes it nearly impossible to recover the data at a reasonable cost.

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