Copywriter Needed with Interest in Computers and Tech (Anywhere)

web-technologyHumorous and informative copywriter needed to pen brief fun to read articles about computers and technology. We need well researched (min five paragraph keyword dense) summary articles that would be of interest to and read by residential or small business computer users. Articles will be published on a website blog and in email newsletters. We will pay $10.00 per summary web article and you will receive authorship credit and opportunities for other gigs.

Please send us an original helpful/interest article about computers/tech that meets the above guidelines so we can evaluate your work. If we choose to publish your article we will compensate you $10.00 and provide you with additional regular opportunities for copywriting (5 or so similar articles per week).

Also, please include your resume and other samples of work that would show your diversity and talents/skills as we may have other topics for writing or at home type gigs available.

Initiate contact through our contact page and we will give you instructions on submitting your materials.


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