Connecting to the Remote Support System

Whenever a client brings in a computer for repair to the Computer Repair Store in the Lindenwood Park area, I make sure that the last thing I do is set up the comptuer to that we can continue to provide service remotely. Remote service is great, because if you start having another problem, you don’t need to come back to the store all over again. Here’s a brief tutorial explaining how simple it is to get connected:

We will provide a remote access code for you to use. To get started, go to and enter the code we provided, as shown here.

Once you’ve done that, the system will provide a file for you to download. This is what actually allows us to assist you remotely. In many cases, you will beasked if you want to download the file. Choose to continue by selecting ‘Save File’.

When the file has finished downloading, all you need to do is open it to begin the remote support session. After clicking on the file to open it, you will most likely be prompted with one or more security warnings from Windows. All you need to do is choose the “Yes,” “Run,” or “Allow” option for each.

After that’s done, you’re ready! We will be able to operate your computer remotely, seeking out and correcting the problem that you are having. You can save time by not having to come into the store everytime you have a problem, and we can still provide the same great level of service as if we were actually there.

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