Changing the Zoom in Microsoft Word

One frequent issue people ask about at the Lindenwood Park area computer repair shop is the default font in Microsoft Word. The way that microsoft word handles this is somewhat unusual, but before you delve deep into Word’s settings, there is one simple thing you should check: the zoom level.

The zoom level doesn’t actually change the size of the text on the document, just how big the document is portrayed on the screen. Because of this, if you choose to print your document, you will notice that the text will appear to be normal-sized.

To change the zoom level, simply locate the slider in the lower-right corner of Microsoft Word.

Slide the slider to the right to increase the zoom level, or slide it to the left to decrease the zoom level. If you want it to appear on your screen in the same size it will be printed in, set the level to 100%. Since changing the zoom level won’t affect the printed product, you can move it away from 100% if your document won’t fit on the screen, or the other way if the text is uncomfortably small for you to read.

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