5 Great Holiday Tech Gifts

Holiday Tech GiftsWith the holidays only a few weeks away you may be scouring the Internet or going from big box store to big box store in St. Louis looking for some ideal tech gifts. The following are 5 really cool new tech gift ideas that could be just the right gift for the tech savvy person or the not so tech savvy person on your gift giving list.

South City Computer Club Membership

Possibly the best possible gift you can give this holiday season is peace of mind. The South City Computer Club allows members to get exactly that, “peace of mind”, and at a reasonable price of just 24.99 per month! Members can get support when they need it most, like installing a software program, troubleshooting a computer issue, getting a new printer to work, or just getting a computer question answered. South City Computer Club members also enjoy discounts on all of our computer and smart phone repair services. But that is not all, South City Computer Club members get 50 GB of private cloud storage backup for important data, and if that is not enough members can even buy more storage as needed. Contact South City Computer today to find out more information.

IPad USB and SD Card Reader

Apple iPads lack standard inputs like USB and SD Card readers, and can be frustrating when trying to use standard plug and play devices like digital cameras. The iPad CF and SD Card Reader by Photojojo is the perfect solution to turning your iPad into a plug and play device for your digital camera.

External Hard drive

If the South City Computer Club cloud storage doesn’t appeal to you, than this is a no brainer gift idea! Give an external hard drive to back data up onto. An external hard drive is an easy and affordable gift idea for anybody that has a large music and movie collections, or important documents that need to get backed up! External hard drives also range in price from super cheap to super expensive based on the amount of storage you purchase. At South City Computer we have many external hard drives available of purchase.

The OontZ Angle

Do you wish you could listen to music or watch movies on your smart phone or tablet, but can’t stand the the tinny sound that these small devices output. The OontZ Angle is an ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker by Cambridge Soundworks. The speaker offers better sound, better volume, at an incredible price! The Oontz Angle works with both iPhone and Android devices.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a voice activated personal assistant device for the home. The device activates to the sound of a chosen keyword. The device is much like Apple’s Siri in that you can ask it for relevant information as you think of it. It can tell you the current time, your weather forecast, play your music, or even tune you into the current news. The Amazon Echo device can also do your laundry and clean your house, just kidding!, but it is a pretty handy addition to any household. The device only requires an wall outlet and wireless Internet. The device is currently available for purchase to Amazon Prime members.

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