What to expect when getting your computer repaired

All computer repairs are unique experiences. Here are just a few typical things to expect when getting your computer repaired at a computer repair store.

Expect to be without your computer for at least a couple days. While some computer repairs are finished in a day or two, others can take more time depending on the complexity of the issue and the age of the computer. We understand having your computer out of commission can be a very frustrating.

Expect to pay up front for service before work begins. Most computer repair stores take a retainer or initial payment for service up front. This charge is for the time it takes a technician to diagnose your computer problem and provide a repair estimate.

Expect to be called and/or emailed notification updates and questions about your computer issue. Playing phone or email tag can take up valuable time and slow down your computer repair. Be on-call for us so we can get your computer repaired and back to you as quickly as possible.

Expect your computer to come back to you in working form. Most computer problems can be fixed the first time you bring your computer in for service. If you continue to experience the same issue, then bring your computer back at no additional charge.

Expect your computer to be clean and sanitary. The first step in a computer repair is to sanitize and clean out the computer. We blow out the cooling fans, and a wipe down the computer before it is serviced. You never knew your computer could look so new again…right?

Expect to learn something new about computers. Our computer repair techs are experts and are very knowledgeable about computers and computer problems. You will most likely learn a thing or two about your computer along the way.

If you are looking for professional computer repair services, bring your computer to South City Computer.

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