What is ‘The Internet of Things’?

Did you know the internet contains millions of connections and pieces of data that cannot be viewed on a PC or Mac? A common misconception about the internet is that it consists only of the websites and pages that you view in your browser on your home computer.

In fact, just recently, companies have started to extend the internet to other devices. These devices can be anything, from smartphones to light bulbs. Yes, light bulbs. By connecting the lighting in your home to the internet, you give yourself the capability to control it from anywhere, be it from your laptop, your smartphone, or your tablet.

Appliance manufacturers are getting in on this too. How would you like to have a washing machine that you can manage and control even when you’re away from home? These are the kinds of benefits that manufacturers are looking to give to consumers, which is why they are adding internet connectivity to their products.

Of course, this adds a risk factor to your everyday appliances. The possibility of some malicious person accessing your appliances through a security vulnerability that is not yet known is not out of the question. While someone gaining unauthorized access to your washing machine is not a big deal, what might happen in the future as the internet extends to even more things?

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