Mother’s Day Special

Upgrade Mom's Computer for Mother's Day
Is your mom still using a Windows XP computer? Ivanhoe Computers is offering an affordable Windows 7 Lenovo ThinkCentre M57 desktop computer that your mom can upgrade to this Mother’s Day.


Going for a little over $200, these units are a cost effective quick and easy solution. They run Windows 7, so if you’re mom is already using Windows XP or Vista, she’ll be greeted with the same familiar interface (just with the colors tweaked a bit). These great computers are in stock, no ordering, no waiting in line – just drop by and say you want one (while supplies last)!

These refurbished units have been verified to be in excellent condition by the same staff you’ll meet when you come in.


Tech Specs:


Model: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600
Number of Cores: 2
Clock Speed: 2.40 GHz

Memory (RAM):

Amount Present: 2.0GB
Number of Installed Modules: 2
Total Number of Slots: 4


Hard Drive Model: Seagate ATA ST3160310CS
Storage Connection Type: SATA
Number of Connectors: 2
Removable Storage: CD/DVD RW Drive

Ports and Connections

USB: 2 Front, Six Rear
Display: 1 VGA
Serial/Parallel: One DE-9, One DB-25 (Printer)
Storage: 2 Internal SATA Connectors, 1 rear eSATA
Audio: Front: microphone and headphone jack; rear: micrphone, line in, and line out
Network: Gigabit Ethernet

Expansion Ports

One PCI and one PCIe

Stop by the store if you need additional technical details.

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