Microsoft healthy smart watch to be released later this year

Microsoft is entering the market of smart watches just like Sony, Google, Samsung and Apple with the greatly anticipated iWatch. However, Microsoft is producing a watch that focuses on fitness and health instead of just apps. Rumors have been circulating the Internet for some time now about the new Microsoft smart watch, and a patent filed by Microsoft for a “Wearable Personal Information System” is more proof that the company is probably planning to introduce a smart watch to the consumer market. The Microsoft smart watch will include several different sensors to monitor the watch wearers health vitals.

A few features have already leaked into the news about the Microsoft smart watch. Those features include a blood-glucose monitor like Apples iWatch is rumored to have, a heart-rate monitor, and a UV sensor.

No solid release date has been set for the Microsoft smart watch, but sources from the company say the watch should be out by the end of the year.

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