Microsoft announces the end of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Announces the end of IEOn March 17 2015 the software company Microsoft announced that it would be phasing out support for its Internet browser software “Internet Explorer” also known as “IE”. Internet Explorer is the Internet browser packaged with the Microsoft Windows operating system since 1995 and was the most frequently used Internet browser for several years in the early 2000s. The web browser will be replaced in Windows 10 with a new web browser known as “Spartan” however will still be included in some enterprise editions of Windows 10.

The “Internet Explorer” Internet browser has long been under criticism from the web development industry for its lack of adherence to WC3 internet standards. Popular Internet browsers such as “Google Chrome” and “Mozilla Firefox” adhere to these standards for Internet consistency. The Internet Explorer browser has also been under scrutiny from security experts for its many security exploits over the years.

This does not mean that Internet Explorer is totally going away and will continue to be pre-installed on some versions of the next release of the Windows operating system “Windows 10” that will come to market in the fall of 2015. Microsoft will continue to support Internet Explorer until 2023. Internet Explorer will remain in enterprise editions of Windows 10 for backwards compatibility with some corporate web applications.

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