Laptop Screen Replacement in St. Louis

Laptop Screen Replacement St. LouisUnfortunately laptop screens start to malfunction, go out and need repair long before the rest of the laptop computer. It is sometimes necessary to replace the laptop screen to buy a little more time from the laptop computer. However it may not be economically reasonable to replace the laptop screen since the cost of a new laptop may not be much more than the repair of the existing broken laptop screen. It really depends on the quality, the age, and the use of the laptop computer to determine whether the reapir is economically feasable.

Top Reasons Laptop Screens Break

When the CCFL bulb begins to dim or go out, you may be able to see the desktop but it is very very dim or totally dark, and needs to be in direct light in order to see anything. This is usually a sign that the CCFL bulb needs to be replaced.

A loose wire connection between the screen and motherboard could also cause the screen to flicker, or stop working completely. If your screen flicker, flashes, or blinks rapidly when you open and close the laptop computer, this could be caused by a loose wire connection, and may be a sign that it is time for a laptop screen repair at South City Computer.

An accidental drop or a “not-so-accidental” punch to the screen after the computer user experiences frustration with the computer is another common reason the laptop screen may break. While this is not a recommended way to use your laptop computer, we understand that these things happen.

A liquid spill into the laptop computer can also cause the screen to stop functioning properly. However this is probably caused by the motherboard malfunctioning rather than the laptop screen being broken.

DIY Fix?

Replacing a laptop screen can be a difficult computer repair that is not an easy task for the common everyday computer user. Finding the correct parts for the computer repair is not usually very straight forward, and can be difficult to source for some makes and models of computers. Most laptop computers (especially Apple products) have proprietary screws that require special tools to disassemble the laptop computer in order to replace the screen. There also are many pieces to account for when disassembling a laptop computer, and putting them all back together correctly can be a big challenge. These are just a few reasons you may opt out of the DIY fix. However rest assured that this is a totally common repair for the technicians at South City Computer, and you can just have our professionals replace your laptop screen for you.

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