Is Your Virtual Memory Low

Virtual Memory too low
Are you getting a Windows error message indicating that your “virtual memory is low”? This could be caused for a number or reasons and probably is a combination of several things causing the problem.

What is Virtual Memory?

Virtual memory combines your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) with temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM runs low, virtual memory moves data from RAM to a space allocated on the hard disk also called SWAP. Moving data to and from the allocated space on the hard disk frees up the RAM so your computer can complete its work.

What is the cause of Virtual Memory Low error message?

Oftentimes virtual memory errors occur because there is no longer any space left in the RAM and SWAP memory. This could be caused by several programs running in the background that may not be apparent. Another cause is that the hard disk on the computer has become so full that there no longer is room for the Operating System to write to the SWAP memory.

Why does Windows stop working when the virtual memory is low?

When the computer starts to use the Virtual Memory, the computer may become slower to respond but still may function. When the allocated SWAP space on the hard disk becomes too full Windows stops working all together.

How can I fix my Virtual Memory Low issue?

You can try a few things to try to fix a virtual memory issue.

Try changing the size of your allocated SWAP memory so that you can run more programs on your computer at once. This is known as a paging file in windows. You can run the command sysdm.cpl. Click “Advanced” and edit the Virtual Memory.

You can also try stopping all extraneous programs from running at Windows start up. Part of the problem could be several anti-virus software programs running at the same time, or lots of bloatware from printers, scanners, and other devices running at start up.

Freeing up space on the hard drive may also help to fix the virtual memory error issue. If your hard disk is more than 80% full, you should probably consider “cleaning house” a bit. Consider backing some of your data up to an external hard drive, or to cloud storage to free up some space. Ask a technician at South City Computer about our cloud storage options through our South City Computer Club membership.

Alternatively you can try to add more RAM to the computer. Throwing more hardware at the problem can sometimes resolve the issue.

If you need help with fixing a virtual memory issue on your computer, bring your computer to a local computer repair store, South City Computer in St. Louis.

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