Is your computer dirtier than your toilet?

Chances are, the answer is yes.

Your keyboard and mouse may be dirtier than you think. In fact try to think back to the last time you cleaned your computer. Judging by the looks of the computers that come into the repair shop here in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood, there’s a good chance you haven’t ever cleaned your computer.

Even if you’re the only one who uses your computer, it is comparable in dirtiness to a public toilet. Anything you touch will get transmitted to the computer, and stored there on the keyboard for the next time you use it. The truth of the matter is that any disease you could catch from dirty toilet you can catch from your computer. The problem is that people just don’t think of their computer as something that would get dirty. After all, it is made of hard plastic that seems to be impermiable. Often, your keyboard isn’t visibly dirty. As a result, computers get cleaned much less often than toilets, making them prime for catching diseases from. In addition, most people don’t wash their hands after using the computer, meaning the germs you get off your computer stay on your hands.

So, yes, you can get a cold or even the flu from using a dirty keyboard or mouse.

So, here’s how to clean your computer.

  • Turn off your computer
    Power off your computer so you can freely clean the keyboard keys without causing things to happen. Turning off will also prevent electrical damage should you use too much liquid.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth
    Make sure the cloth that you use to wipe down the computer is soft and free from particles that might scratch the computer’s body or screen. Get the cloth just damp enought to effectively wipe away dirt without getting the computer overly wet.
  • Use a disenfecting cleaner.
    Use a disenfectant like alcohol or a cleaning product that kills germs to clean your computer.
  • Don’t use solvents or harsh chemicals
    These can cause discoloration to the body of the computer or even start to dissolve it.

  • Clean it often
    Cleaning your computer before and after every use is ideal.

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