iPhone Repair in St. Louis

Broken iPhone Repair in St LouisDid you break your iPhone? Are you asking yourself what are the options for getting your iPhone repaired in St. Louis? Are you questioning whether you should repair or just replace your broken iPhone?

The following are a few frequently asked question to try to help you consider what your next step for your broken iPhone will likely be.

Should I just get a new iPhone?

Many people do not realize that they could repair their broken iPhone. These people will take the broken iPhone to the Apple Store to replace it with a new iPhone. This may be an easy way to fix the phone, however may end up costing more than the cost of repairing the broken iPhone. Because iPhones cost a considerable amount of money, depending on the age and damage to the device, it may be wiser to consider repairing a broken iPhone over replacing it.

The screen is shattered, is this an easy fix?

If you have dropped your iPhone and cracked the screen, you probably cracked more than just the piece of protective glass on the top. Oftentimes when the iPhone screen shatters the protective glass it also shatters the LCD digitizer under the glass too.

Can I still use my iPhone after a screen shatter

Sometimes if the protective glass has shattered the iPhone may still function, however continuing to use it may be dangerous a few reasons. The first most obvious reason is that you might injure yourself on the broken shards of glass. A less obvious reason is the iPhone no longer has a solid protective layer from the outside world, and will most likely eventually fail do to another hardware failure deeper inside the device. Unrepaired broken iPhone screens can cause hardware malfunction or failure to the speaker and microphone, the power jack, the headphone jack, the battery, or the entire mother board. To avoid further damage to your iPhone, considering repairing it as soon as possible.

Can my iPhone be repaired after a break?

It is a fact that Apple iPhone’s do not survive drops or slams very well. Usually shattered screens and broken LCD digitizers can be fixed. However until the damage to the iPhone is fully understood, it is hard to answer this question. A smartphone repair technician will need to examine your broken device to diagnose the issue and estimate a repair cost for you.

Will the cost of the repair be more than the iPhone is worth?

Depending on the age of the iPhone the cost of the repair may be more or less than the cost of replacing the iPhone altogether. Some older iPhone models may no longer be worth the price of repairing, and you would probably be better off replacing the iPhone with a new version. However if you have a new model, you will probably be wiser to repair the iPhone.

Should I repair my own iPhone?

Are you comfortable working on complex electronics? If so, you might consider doing your own iPhone repair. You can find iPhone repair kits at several online stores. However keep in mind that taking an iPhone apart can be a tricky and time consuming process. iPhones require special tools, and delicate fingers to work on. Keeping a mental note of where all the little screws and parts go can be somewhat challenging to most people. If you are not an expert in working on electronic devices you probably should not try to repair your own iPhone. Instead consider letting a local smartphone repair technician at South City Computer do the repair for you.

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