How to turn an iphone into an itouch

Are you wondering how to turn your iphone into an itouch? It’s quite simple really.

To convert your old iphone into something more useful, like an itouch follow these simple instructions:

1. Remove the sim card. You might find it easiest to remove the sim card in the iphone by getting a paper clip, opening it up, and putting the paper clip into the hole where the sim card is located in the iphone, releasing the sim card tray.

2. After the sim card tray is released and it slides out, remove the sim card and push the tray back into the phone until it clicks into place.

3. Navigate on the screen to the iPhone Settings->General->Network-> menu. Uncheck “enable 3G” and “Cellular Data”

That’s it, now you can plug your new iTouch into your computer using the special USB connector and sync it up with your iTunes!

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