How to recover a deleted file

Accidents happen, it is a fact of life. Don’t worry, it may NOT be too late to get your erased file(s) back after you accidentally deleted it. Here is what you can do to try to recover your lost or deleted file.

First you need to STOP using the computer right now. That means turn it off completely by shutting it down the way computer manufacturer recommended.

The techs at Ivanhoe Computers can recover most files after they were deleted as long as the deletion of the file(s) happened recently. Bring the computer to our store located at 3235 Ivanhoe Ave. in St. Louis MO 63139. Or give us a call 314-400-7918. Get your deleted file back now!

We understand how frustrating it can be to make a simple mistake that costs you BIG time. Or does it? Your deleted file may seem to be erased completely from your hardrive, but actually it has probably just been hidden from the Windows operating system. The Operating System keeps a directory of files and their locations on the hardrive, you can think of it like a phone book. When the computer deletes a file, it actually just removed the record in the “phone book”. Our expert computer technicians can usually find your recently deleted file, and probably lots of other files you have deleted recently.

Customer Stories

We had a customer, Tim, who had a disgruntle girlfriend, Rachel, who deleted images of Tim’s vacation to Costa Rica with an ex-lover. While Rachel probably thought she had won this battle; she was wrong. Our computer support experts and repair technicians were able to retrieve the images from Tim’s hardrive after they had been deleted by Rachel. Tim ended up recovering his memories stored in digital format, even though Rachel had deleted his prized files. While we don’t usually give relationship advice, we advised Tim that it may be time for Rachel to have her own account on Tim’s computer.

Stanly was working on his final term paper at the end of the semester. He had procrastinated until the very last minute to do the assignment, and was in a total crunch for time to get it done. Unfortunately when we are most pressed for time, we can and usually make silly mistakes that cost us BIG time. Stanly worked on the paper for 18 hours straight, and then somehow forgot to save it, or forgot where he saved it. Stanly knew his professor was never going to believe this story. Stanly was extremely irritated at himself, and decided to see if a local computer repair place could help him. Luckily he was right! Our computer support technicians were able to recover the “lost” term paper, along with many other files that had been deleted from the computer recently. While we couldn’t guarantee Stanly an A on the term paper, we could save him some time, and heartache.

Give us a chance, we can probably support your computer data recovery needs too!

*The names used in the Customer Stories have been changed to protect the innocent computer user.

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