How to Fix Cannot Connect to Network Error after Changing Wifi Password on Router

forget-networkIf you encounter a situation where you are receiving a message stating Windows cannot connect to the wireless network try this fix below. This error tends to occur after the router’s wireless password has been updated.

Some Symptoms You May Notice:

  • A previously connected wireless device fails to connect to the wireless network.
  • All wireless devices fail to connect after changing the Wi-Fi password.

Steps in troubleshooting the device’s connectivity:

After changing the password on the router, the wireless devices probably stopped working because the devices are still using an old password. After changing the Wi-Fi password, you will need to “”forget” the old wireless settings saved on your device and reconnect to the wireless network again with the newly changed password. By forgetting the old wireless network, the wifi settings setup dialogue will prompt you to enter the newly assigned password.

Below is an article that details the steps to remove the password from wifi settings on Windows 10:

Forget Wireless Password in Settings Windows 10

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