FBI Virus now infects MAC OS

Mac FBI VirusMost Mac users will gloat to their Windows using friends that they use MAC because there are no viruses, malware, or in this case ransomware for MAC. Well those days are long gone! The FBI virus has found its way onto the MAC platform. Now NO Operating System is safe (::cough:: except Linux ::cough::), not even the blessed Mac OS.

The ransomware gets pushed onto unsuspecting users by browsing high-trafficed sites. The FBI virus locks down the Safari browser accusing the user of illegally viewing disturbing pornography, and that the user must pay a fine of $300 to regain use of their computer. The message will not go away by leaving the page or closing the browser. The user is unable to even “force quit” the browser. The ransomware uses the browsers “restore from crash” feature to reload the ransomware page each time the browser is restored.

You should NEVER pay the ransom, and should to bring your Mac to South City Computer today to get this virus correctly removed.

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