Better Wi-Fi without a new router

Wifi not workingAs Wi-Fi in the home has become more and more commonplace, router manufacturers have continued to make their home products better and simpler. However, you may still find yourself in a situation of frustration because of your Wi-Fi’s seeming rebellion to your wishes.

Wi-Fi isn’t quite how router manufacturers portray it. It’s not some force-field that engulfs and fills your house as soon as you plug the router in. Rather, it uses radio waves, just like a plain old radio does. The difference is that Wi-Fi works on a frequency of 2.5 or 5 gigahertz, and FM radio between 80 and 100 megaherts (depending on the station). The point of this is to keep your Wi-Fi from messing up your radio and vice versa.

There are other things that do operate within the frequency band of Wi-Fi, though, including microwave ovens. When devices like this introduce interference, your devices will stay connected to the network, but the speed will drop dramatically.

If you think you’re not getting all that you should out of your Wi-Fi, or if you’re suffering from random disconnects and service outages, you should consult one of the experts at South City Computer. Located in the Lindenwood Park neighborhood, one of our technicians will visit you on site to find you the perfect physical configuration, program your router to minimize interference, and educate you on how to use your home network to it’s fullest capabilities.

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