Apple Brings Mobile Computing to Your Wrist

As many may have already heard, rumors have been going around of Apple producing a smart watch designed to work with iPhone users’ mobile devices. Apple has been very secretive about the specifications of the watch, but various numbers have been thrown out, such as a screen size of up to 2.5″ — the size of the current iPod nano, which can be worn as a watch. This iWatch would differentiate itself though in that it would run a more complete version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS.

Since the watch is said to have waterproof features, it is also expected to have health tracking related features, which would integrate with a health app expected to be included in the upcoming iOS 8.

Contrary to what many Apple fans believe, Apple is not the first company to come up with this idea. In fact, Samsung, Sony, and LG all have smart watches that are already available. All these are, of course, only compatible with Android smartphones, however, watches, such as the Pebble, that do offer iPhone compatibility exist.

This move by Apple indicates a continuous trend that computing is quickly moving away from the Laptop and Desktop, and even away from the smartphone, into devices that integrate right into one’s everyday life.

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