Alderman Vaccaro Says “Be Careful of Scams!”

Joe Vaccaro PictureJoe Vaccaro is the Alderman of the 23rd Ward in Saint Louis City. He is very involved with the community and frequently passes on tips and information about dangers to people in the community.

Below is an email that we received explaining how peope will try to trick you. Given these are pretty unsophisticated examples that the average person would simply laugh off as a scam. But hackers oftentimes will use more sophisticated techniques like the “You Qualify for a Lower Rate” credit card scam.

Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

Yesterday I received a phone call from someone that was told that they needed to go to Walgreen’s and bring $452 in cash to avoid being arrested for failure to appear for grand jury duty. He is not even on the grand jury. This was a scam and I told him not to pay this. I also ran into someone at St Joan of arc’s fish fry that told me they received a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS also asking for money to avoid arrest. DON,T BE TAKEN IN BY THESE SCAMS. If you get a call like this do not react. you can call the police and ask them if this is a scam. 231-1212 is the non emergency number. I talked to the captain of the second district and he told me there is many variations of this scam going around. Please pass this along to to your neighbors especially the elderly who seem to fall victim to this kind of scam.

Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

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