5 Technology New Years Resolutions

Woman with ComputerEvery new year we try to promise ourselves we will make improvements to our lifestyle by setting goals such as go to the gym more, eat healthier, saving more money for retirement, etc. These are all GREAT goals that you should definitely work toward, however you may not have considered setting a few technology goals for yourself or your business this year?

These 5 Tech New Years Resolutions are a good way to start your new year off on the right track!

Technology Goal 1: This year I promise myself to backup my data!

This year if you can make one technology goal for yourself try to come up with a good backup strategy for your important data. Buying an external hard drive to pull your data onto might be a great option for backing up your important pictures, movies, and music. Another even better option for backing up your data is to join the South City Computer Club where you can get private cloud storage for your important data.

Technology Goal 2: This year I promise myself to get PC checkups on a regular basis

Getting in the habit of having your computer regularly checked up on is a good idea. Having a routine checkup can identify preliminary problems before they become real issues. Having a reliable trustworthy computer repair store near you is a good place to start. Choose a computer repair technician that gives you the service and quality you deserve, while at a competitive price. If you are near St. Louis, MO then try South City Computer for your computer service and repair needs. Join the South City Computer Club and you receive checkups and data backups all in one great monthly package deal.

Technology Goal 3: This year I promise to have a plan of action when I need urgent computer care

When your computer crashes, and you need a fix fast, you can’t afford to take your computer to a computer repair store where it is going to take weeks for your computer to be looked at. South City Computer Club members receive concierge computer services all the way. Most computer club members computers will be looked at within 24 hours!

Technology Goal 4: This year I promise to have my data available where I am

Lugging around a external hard drive could be a solution to have your backed up data where ever you are, however joining South City Computer Club enables members to store their important data in the cloud and have it be accessible to them on multiple devices where-ever they are.

Technology Goal 5: This year I promise to spend less time on computer issues

Having a reliable computer company that you can rely on when you have computer issues is a great idea. Being a South City Computer Club Member insures that you will get concierge service when you need your computer serviced fast. Most South City Computer Club Members computer will be serviced withing 24 hours!

To become a South City Computer Club Member, contact us today!

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